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News: From the desk of Martin Dougiamas

...THANKS for the BB conversion ... I've been able to try it out
now in 1.5 and it works! I've given you full CVS access to
backup/bb ... and yes, any evolution to this killer feature
would be terrific.

March 21st, 2005


Many institutions have invested serious time and effort in creating Blackboard content and refining Blackboard courses. Re-entering all this information into a new course management system may be daunting or impossible.

The Linux Box is proud to present Bb2moodle, the tool that is designed to overcome this barrier. Bb2moodle is a working utility that the Linux Box is currently developing for Luther College. This beta demonstration converts Blackboard Course export zip files into Moodle course export zip files. It has been successfully tested with Blackboard 5.5 and Moodle 1.4.1.
It will convert:
  • Course Name/Title
  • Forum Topics
  • Course Documents
  • Assignments
  • External Links

While Blackboard 5.5 is the target of current development, there is some compatibility with Blackboard 6.x:
  • Course Name/Title
  • Text entries
  • Some files

We invite input and collaboration from all who are interested.

Please give us feedback.

This latest version provides transparent compatibility with Blackboard via the Moodle restore interface. It has been tested with Moodle 1.4.1 and CVS. Extracting this tar file will overwrite files in the "backup" directory. Please read backup/blackboard/README for complete instructions.


"Moodle is a course management system (CMS) - a software package designed to help educators create quality online courses....One of the main advantages of Moodle over other systems is a strong grounding in social constructionist pedagogy. Moodle is Open Source software, which means you are free to download it, use it, modify it and even distribute it (under the terms of the GNU General Public License). Moodle runs without modification on Unix, Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, Netware and any other system that supports PHP, including most webhost providers...."

Moodle is supported by a strong community of developers and companies who are using it and improving it constantly. It is currently available in 40 languages.

Blackboard on the other hand, is a commercial online learning software provider. Its tools are used by all levels of schools, all around the world. Due to the proprietary and expensive nature of Blackboard's software, many institutions are considering open source alternatives such as Moodle.


Bb2Moodle is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

As the quote at the top of the page indicates, Moodle has accepted the converter into version 1.5. You can find the most recent version in Moodle's CVS repository. We have mirrored it here for your convenience.


Copyright (C) 2004, 2005, 2006 The Linux Box Corporation


Ziba Scott