Why We're Different

THE LINUX BOX is a different kind of IT company, because open source software is fundamentally different from any thing the IT industry has seen before.

The Office
  • Written by users instead of for them, open-source software meets user expectations differently, with different requirements for training and support
  • Designed from the bottom up rather than top down, open-source software can be excellent out-of-the box, but is often designed for customization to meet precise business requirements
  • Written by people who care not just about free, but also about freedom, free software comes with a culture that adds a new kind of value to organizations willing to make the leap

Who We Are

We are both small and independent. We've built our business around close collaboration with customers, and on active participation in the development of free software that continues around the world. This is good for our customers because:

  1. Customers are assured that support of their custom code is perpetuated
  2. Customers become vendor independent
  3. Customers get the limelight and kudos for code they indirectly contribute
  4. Customers increase control over IT services  while reducing IT costs
  5. Customers gain competitive advantage


THE LINUX BOX was established in 1999 with the goal of providing regional, national and international customers with professional, commercial services for open-source technology, helping organizations to achieve the five (5) objectives listed above.

The Art of Giving

  • The Linux Box commits 20% of its budget to research, develop and contribute open source software to the community. Code contributions include: OpenAFS, the network distributed file system; Moodle, an open source LMS (Learning Management System); Drupal, a content management system; dotProject, a project management and helpdesk system; Squid-cache, a caching proxy for the web;  Tsung, a load testing tool; Firewall Builder, The firewall management software; Mailman, the email lists manager;and a prenial favorite EiC C interpreter enhancement.  These are but a few of the communities we contributed code to. Visit the complete list which is more extensive and download what you need.  
  • The Linux Box directly funds and makes available open source projects such as most recently, Enkive, an open source email archiving system;  Jobby, a LinuxBox-developed time reporting system that interfaces with dotProject, and SQL-Ledger - an open source ERP system;  Tentacle, a Linux Box-developed squid-cache log analyzer & reporting tool; SISXML, a Linux Box-developed System Inventory Script; Visit the complete list and download what you need.