Knowledge Transfer In Action


The Linux Box offers a portfolio of custom technical training options designed for individuals, companies, and public organizations to acquire, maintain, and optimize their Linux and open source products skills.

Scope of Training

The Linux Box provides expert instruction not just in Linux, but in many of the key technologies that make Linux important in industry: the intuitive and powerful Unix operating environment, TCP/IP and the Internet, Web software development, and development tools like C++, PHP, Perl, and Java.
We are committed to providing coverage of next-generation computing on the Linux platform, including Linux High Performance Computing, multi-language software development, and other topics.

Training Philosophy

Our training philosophy is simple:

The best way to learn a computing system is to actually use it to accomplish meaningful tasks. Our custom designed courses are built on a task-based foundation, with real-world objectives like:
  • Configuring real Linux systems to share files, deliver mail, or host web documents
  • Building secure systems using Linux-based routing and firewall tools
  • Development and enhancement of real-world software on the Linux OS
  • Installing and customizing office automation/desktop applications
  • Developing a database-driven web site using PHP, Perl or Java

Each task provides the context in which students learn the foundations of Linux computing, including:

  • How the Linux system is structured, how it works
  • Working with files and data
  • Working with networks and network tools
  • Fundamentals, and advanced techniques — in programming in the Linux environment

Real-world tasks vary in difficulty level, and change from course to course. Courses are designed to fit customer requirements.