Matthew Benjamin

Linux; OpenLDAP; Apache; Tomcat, Shell scripting Instructor

Matthew W. Benjamin is CTO and co-founder of The Linux Box Corporation. He is a contributor to a variety of open source software packages and tools. Prior to co-founding The Linux Box he held a developer position with Comshare, Inc. in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Matt had been a consultant with Integrated Micro Systems prior to joining Comshare. He holds a master's degree from the University of Michigan, and a bachelor's degree from the University of Missouri.

Marcus Watts

OpenAFS instructor

Marcus Watts was born in Princeton, New Jersey, on May 31, 1961, a year that looks the same right side up and upside down. He moved to Rochester, New York when only a few months old to stay near his parents. Around 1976 he discovered computers: First in the form of programmable TI calculators, and soon after in the form of a Motorola 6800 based kit which had all of 256 bytes of memory. He discovered RSTS/E on pdp-11s soon after. In 1979 he moved to Michigan to attend the University of Michigan. He never graduated, foiled by the foreign language requirement, but instead fell in love with computer conferencing, which then ran on UM's big central timesharing machine. He could think of no reason why small computers shouldn't be just as capable of doing computer conferencing, so he wrote one. This first ran in 1983 on an Altos 68000 that a friend had purchased. Soon after, he went to work for NETI, a company that today would be called a "dot-com", except the internet wasn't real yet. Like many "dot-coms", NETI wasn't real either and went out of business after a couple years. After some odds and ends, including several odd programming jobs and stints writing documentation, he went to work for UM in 1991. He's been working with AFS ever since. Today, besides UM, Marcus also is a volunteer staff member for Grex, a local Unix-based conferencing system. He owns 1.9 motorcycles.