Practice and Approach

The Linux Box is an experienced provider of Linux- and free-software focused consulting services, including:

conference room
  • Consulting about best practices, architecture and design with Open Source software.
  • Open Source product analysis of available solutions, assessment and selection/ recommendation
  • Planning for implementation vis. scalability and performance tuning issues
  • Transition to production plan
  • Post production audit

There are many free, open source solutions on the net. Some meet 100% of client needs while others may fit less than 100%. The Linux Box specializes in customizing an open source solution to tailor fit the client needs. We follow standard consulting practices in all our engagements:

  • Conduct technology needs and organization culture assessment
  • Perform gap analysis
  • Evaluate open source and commercial products
  • Map available solutions to client needs
  • Design road map
  • Customize solutions using
    • Exclusively open source software, or
    • Hybrid solutions using open source and commercial software
  • Manage and support the deployment
  • QA production readiness
  • Offer post conversion / transition support
  • Offer periodic "health checks"

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To find out how we may help you address your needs, please call us at (734) 761-4689 or email our sales team